Virginia Pocket Knife Laws

A pocket knife is a universal tool and can be used for a large number of purposes. We all know how great a pocket knife is in all types of circumstances. You can use it not only for cutting fruits but you can also use it when you do not have a paper cutter, scissors, or anything sharp. Besides this, if you have ever been caught or trapped in some trouble, you can use a pocket knife for cutting tying ropes, bands, tearing covers, just to name a few.

But, the problem arises when Virginia pocket knife laws interact with your knife possession and its buying and selling. This is because the state’s laws are aimed to protect you from different types of weapons, knives and their kinds. It is important that your pocket knife should comply with the Virginia pocket knife laws as it is your responsibility being a sensible citizen.

It has been observed that after the legal restriction on possession, concealing, and trade of the knives under the Virginia knife laws, some companies had started to sell the throwing blades, stilettos, ballistic knives, or oriental darts in a fine concealing which looked like similar to that of the pocket knives. That’s why Virginia pocket knife laws were imposed on the concerned authorities who were found to be involved in manufacturing, distributing, buying and selling of dangerous and weapon like pocket knives.

Definition of a Pocket Knife

According to the Virginia pocket knife laws, the definition of a pocket knife can be stated as “a knife that is small enough to be placed in the pocket and can be portable at any place with one or more blades that can be concealed in the handle of the knife.

Virginia Pocket Knife Law

According to Virginia, pocket knife law section 18.2-311 mentions that it is legal to own, buy, sell, or carry a pocket knife that can be concealed in its handle and the blade should be 3 inches or bigger.

On the other hand, the law states that the pocket foldable knife of blade lesser than 3 inches is illegal to keep, carry, buy or sell. However, some types of pocket knives are completely illegal irrespective of the size of blades. This includes switchblades, butterfly, and Gerber knives.

The primary objective of Virginia pocket knife laws is to restrict the trade, transport, and use of the dangerous or harmful type of knives as they can be used as a stabbing or murder weapon.


According to the Virginia Pocket Knife Law, section 18.2-308 states that “a person found to be involved in possessing, buying, selling, or concealing the illegal pocket knives; he will be sentenced by both or any one of the charges i.e. up to 2 years of imprisonment and $2,500 fine.

The Virginia pocket knife laws will ensure the protection and safety of the state and the societies by lowering the risk and rate of knife crimes. Although the use of pocket knives is universal and versatile safety and precaution are far better to consider that the use of the pocket knives in our everyday lives.