Prostitution and Solicitation Attorney in Richmond Virginia

In Virginia, the laws of solicitation and prostitution are strict, therefore, the penalties associated with the prostitution, its related crimes and solicitation are harsher. Prostitution is considered as the sex crime which involves the serious punishments of imprisonment and a significant amount of money as a penalty. The act of solicitation refers to requesting a prostitute to make sexual contact by offering the money. Solicitation also comes under the category of prostitution and therefore, the punishments for prostitution are also applicable to the individual who is involved in the act. If a person is charged with the prostitution or solicitation offenses then a skilled and compassionate prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia will be required to make strong defenses against the charges.

According to the laws, participating, promoting and facilitating the act of prostitution is a serious offense. According to code section 18.2-361 of Virginia laws, prostitution is defined as acts of sexual activities performed in exchange for money. The individual found involved in the act of prostitution may be charged with class one felony and will be punishable by the imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of up to $2,500. The prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia can help the individual in reducing the penalty.

Moreover, receiving money from prostitution and keeping a place which is used for the purpose of prostitution is also a crime under section code 18.2-347 of Virginia law. The charges of class one misdemeanor will be applicable to the person involved in the activities. Moreover, the acts which involve the utilization of prostitution as business and earning money by abducting someone bear harsher punishment than the individual prostitution crime. However, if an individual forcing someone to engage in prostitution then according to the code section 18.2-355, the individual will be charged with class four felony and will be punished for up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $100,000. Therefore, the skilful and knowledgeable prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia will suggest you the appropriate defenses by reviewing the case details.

Sex crimes are considered as the serious offenses in Richmond Virginia. Therefore, when the individual is charged with prostitution and solicitation crimes in Richmond Virginia, it would adversely affect his or her social life along with the education, professional career and relationships. Also, the future re-investigation also causes difficulties in performing daily activities and impact the reputation of the person. Therefore, by getting the legal representation of inferior standard, the person might put his future at risk. Consulting a prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia will help the person in dealing with complex cases and their prosecution.

To allow the person to plead to a lesser felony, the attorney might negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutor which will help the person in avoiding the criminal records of prostitution crime. Moreover, if you are accused with the charges of sex crimes then prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia can guide you for better defense options by observing the case details and will help you to plead not guilty to avoid the harsh punishments.