Petty Larceny Jail Time

If a person is convicted of larceny, or theft, it is necessary to analyze what kind of larceny has been committed. The court determines what type of conviction should be arranged against the offender. There is no constant period of conviction or amount of penalty for the offender. The state authorities have bifurcated between petty larceny, which carries less severe charges, and grand larceny, which encompasses serious conviction. Other than that, some factors are also determined to see the intensity of larceny, i.e., aggravating and mitigating factors, to see whether the offense should be regarded as petty larceny or grand larceny. Each case is of different nature, and the person accused of larceny charges is allowed to prove his innocence until the final verdict of the court. A person who has no previous criminal or theft record is likely to receive petty larceny jail time for one year. This is the maximum period of the sentence according to the state laws for petty larceny.

In Virginia, if a person has stolen property of another person whose value is less than $200 with no prior record of conviction, this is known as Class 1 misdemeanor. More often, prosecutors boast value of the stolen property to make the case stronger; the final decision is upheld in the discretion of the court. When the property or any merchandise is stolen, its value is determined by finding its current market value. If the accused has resorted to steal property against the will of the victim or without his consent, the accused is likely to suffer petty larceny jail time for one year along with a monetary fine of $2,500. At the same time, if the value of the stolen property exceeds $200, it is considered as grand larceny and he accused will come across more serious punishment.

It is fortunate that district courts in Virginia pass on merciful sentences against those who committed the crime of petty larceny for the first time. However, if the stolen good is the property of a police officer or any investigating officer, the case gets more serious. The prosecutor strives to bring out harsh court verdict against the offender to cherish his client. In this situation, it is advised to hire a lawyer and discuss your case with him to avoid getting petty larceny jail time for a long period. While the court gives a chance to the accused upon first hearing to plead guilty or not guilty, a novice always gets in trouble while defending his case on his own. Thus, support of a good lawyer will help you defend yourself during court hearings.

Although the sentence of a petty larceny jail time is not longer, a person will be deprived of living his life in his own way. He will lose his reputation and also his employment. Even after his release, he will suffer mental disturbance for a long period of time. Therefore, the guidance of a defense lawyer will help you avoid face jail sentence. The courts of Virginia has also shown leniency for the first time offenders to take part in community-related services as an alternative to petty larceny jail time. This type of program will help you retain your reputation and job along with the freedom of living independently.