Major and minor Sex offenses in VA

Sex offenses are very serious indeed because they involve a violation of an aspect of life that should always remain special, pure and private. However, not all sex offenses are equal. Treating them as such would be doing a huge disservice to the people that are suffering as a result of these sex crimes because some have definitely suffered a lot more than others. You might be wondering, what constitutes a sex crime? What are the factors that go into deciding this sort of thing?

There are a number of things that are taken into consideration. One of the most important is the age of the victim. If the victim was underage then there was definitely a very serious crime that had been committed, no matter what the nature of the act itself actually was. Crimes that are committed against children, particularly those crimes that are sexual in nature, are always punished very heavily, mostly because of the fact that they cause the most amount of damage to the victims who often go the rest of their lives trying to outgrow and get past the trauma of what ended up happening to them.

Age is not the only thing that matters of course. To some extent in every situation, the nature of the crime is going to matter a very great deal indeed. Penetration pretty much always means that the crime committed is a major sex offense. It requires effort on the part of the perpetrator and usually means that the act was a lot more violent than it would have been otherwise, because achieving penetration when the person you are penetrating does not want to be penetrated can be very difficult due to the struggle that is inevitably involved. This implied violence is why penetration always means that the act will be penalized a lot more, and will almost always be referred to as rape except in certain cases.

Minor sex offenses tend to be things like public flashing and the like, although this can be considered a lot more serious if the person that got flashed was a child. This is because of the fact that children tend to be much more significantly harmed by this sort of thing. Public nudity aside, acts that involve sexual solicitation but are conducted in cyberspace rather than the real world are usually considered minor offenses. This is not quite right however and it comes from a place of not taking what happens on the internet all that seriously even though it has an enormous impact on everything that’s happening in the world.

The internet is most certainly a part of the real world, especially when you consider the fact that so many things that end up happening on the internet end up influencing real world events. This also extends to aspects of the internet such as people that end up getting emotionally damaged based on things that happened on the internet.