Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia

Nowadays, Juvenile crime has become one of the most serious crime worldwide. Even good kids get in trouble with the laws sometimes, by violating them. A juvenile conviction can cause severe consequences. Kids often get into crime to get attention, or sometimes they drink, do drugs, or destroy the property in order to fit in their friends. It is crucial for the parents to understand such situation of their child. There are strict laws and regulations in Prince William Virginia for juvenile crimes. A person who is convicted of such crimes can face harsh penalties. The accused can be charged with either felony or misdemeanour. Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia are sentenced when kids are involved in drug offenses, traffic offenses, larceny, and petty larceny, gang violations, violent crimes including robbery and armed robbery, sexual offenses including rape, underage drinking, curfew violation, truancy, possession of fake id, etc.

Consequences of Juvenile Crime:

Due to Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia, the future opportunities for the individual are minimized. The reason of lack of future opportunities is that their record is subjected to a criminal. When a juvenile commits a crime, he or she is charged by either the probation officer or a prosecutor in a civil petition or court, which means “not criminal”. There are three types of offenses in which a person can be charged which include felony, misdemeanour, and infraction. Felony is considered as the most serious crime with harsh penalties than another type. The Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia, significantly affect the educational career of the student.

A crime committed by a juvenile is investigated as any other crime in the Prince William Virginia. The officers’ conduct a thorough investigation to gather sufficient evidence to prove that juvenile has committed that crime. If the officer believes that there are enough evidence that can prove that juvenile is convicted of the crime than the reports are sent to the County Attorney’s office or a citation is issued. They review the information, and decide either the evidences support the charges or not. Based on the reviews and investigations, the juvenile is sentenced to penalties under misdemeanour and felony category. Because of Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia, the child will have a public record as a convicted felon for the rest of the life.

Juvenile Representation Lawyer:

The juvenile justice system in Prince William Virginia has drastically evolved over the past two decades. It is important to immediately hire an experienced lawyer who can plan a proper defence process against the case. These lawyers can reduce or even dismiss the Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia. They help the juveniles, if they are a student, to acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed to carry out the responsibilities and rights. They counsel their client by helping them to increase their thinking skills and the process of decision-making. The parents also bear the responsibility to look after the activities of their child and to ensure that they are not involved in any type of illegal activity.