How to get a reckless driving ticket reduced?

Virginia, being a renowned state of United States of America, follows same code of conduct as rest of the country does. Depending upon the situations of a country amendments are made by the courts, in order to avoid any haphazard. Similar is the case with traffic rules and regulations, they have been designed in order to avoid any awful circumstances. If not followed properly state is more likely to suffer from:

  • Traffic problems i.e traffic congestion and traffic jams;
  • Severe accidents;
  • Loss in lives of people;
  • Loss in public and private property;
  • Lack of discipline etc.

In order to avoid such conditions traffic laws have been designed. Reckless driving is considered to be dangerous amongst all other traffic violations, where lives and property around are vulnerable to serious risks. Reckless driving is considered to be more serious crime than that of over speeding or improper driving, therefore punishments imposed in all cases are different. In case of over speeding or improper driving a traffic ticket of usually $6(for every mile covered in over speeding) is charged to the driver. Apart from this court costs are also charged, making a total fine of up to $141, while in case of reckless driving, a driver is convicted to the class 1 misdemeanor, where penalties are imposed under the category. In such circumstances the driver is penalized with imprisonment for a particular tenure (mainly six months or a whole year), with a fine of up to $2500 is charged, suspension of driver’s license for a particular period of time) and a charge of 6 demerit points is recorded on his license. These points remain on his record for eleven months.

Strict punishments are imposed in case of reckless driving, which can further put life and driving activities of a person at risk. However, they can be reduced if your attorney is able to prove your stance of safety in the court. Stance of safety refers to the argument presented by the accused highlighting that even though he or she was driving rashly, but they were still at a speed which was for safe for both himself/herself and the surroundings. For this purpose one needs to hire a legal attorney who could deal with the whole court procedure efficiently. For an individual it becomes to fight against legal suites and police officers alone.

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