Drug lawyer Virginia

The criminal drug charges in the state of Virginia results in either the penalties upon conviction or felony upon conviction, depending on a variety of factors. The drug lawyer Virginia work for the transferring the information related to the drug crime laws to the convicted individuals. These factors include the quantity and the type of the controlled substance, along with the condition of the defendant who is accused of the drug possession for the personal sale, use, or distribution. The circumstance and evidence surrounding the controlled substance are open to interpretation and highly subjective. You can have the possible chances of getting rid of the charges imposed against you by hiring the drug lawyer Virginia who is experienced. The drug lawyers should have the extensive experience of fighting against the controlled substance chances by the utilization of the in-depth charges of the drug laws and successful cases in Virginia.

Marijuana Possession Crimes in Virginia

According to Virginia code, it is not legal to possess marijuana intentionally, knowingly and without any legal prescription from the licensed physician. Moreover, the prosecutors cannot build the case just on the basis that an individual owns or occupies the building or the vehicle in which marijuana is found by the authorities. The drug lawyer Virginia will help you in knowing the major rules and regulations associated with the laws in Virginia related to drug crimes.

Controlled Substance Possession in Virginia

The Virginian criminal code covers the laws that are linked to the controlled substances other than marijuana. This code will prohibit the citizens of the state from the possession of any controlled substances without getting the permission from the health care providers and the authorities. According to the marijuana laws in Virginia, possession charges cannot be developed against the owner of the automobile or dwelling only based on discovering a substance within it. Drug lawyer Virginia will also provide guidance regarding the law enforcement officers who are engaged in their official responsibilities are exempted from this code.

Distribution and Manufacture of Controlled Substance in Virginia

In almost all the states in the US, the alleged crimes of sale and manufacturing, drug distribution is treated in a more serious way in Virginia as compared to the crime of the possession of the controlled substance. It is not allowed that any individual should carry a large amount of drug quantity that will result in deeming the law enforcement, as compared to the possession of the illegal drug.

The penalties for lesser quantities of the drug depends on the type of the drug which is caught by the authorities to be possessed, distributed or manufactured with the wrong intention. The drug lawyers Virginia will let you know the schedule for drugs I and II, with the penalties ranging from the 5 to 40-years imprisonment, a fine of more than $500,000 and the felony which is reflected on the permanent record of the offender. Hope this article helped you in knowing the laws related to the drug crimes according to the type of drug that is possessed by the individual who is convicted of the crime.