Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax, VA

Criminal law deals completely with criminal punishment and sentencing. The law practice of a criminal defense attorney typically focusses in two sorts of crimes which misdemeanors or lesser felonies, or superior crimes. Persons indicted of criminal action (even first time criminals) must refer with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Being charged with a crime can be a devastating experience. From arrest and booking to your final arrival in front of a judge, the experience can be truly frightening.   It benefits to have an associate on your side who knows what to anticipate, who knows the law, and who knows how to fight to get the best outcome possible. The criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA have just that blend of information and persistence with several years of experience.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Fairfax, VA includes delinquencies of control, manufacture, use, and delivery. The validity of each drug is regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, which groups drugs into five distinct “schedules,” with Schedule I marking the most controlled and hazardous drugs.


Various main summaries to the criminal law occur because of DUI, can be extremely severe under drunk driving laws, and it might be sensible to refer with an expert criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA before undergoing a DUI sentencing.

Sexual offenses

Sexual offenses include a broad range of charges in Virginia law, all of them very serious. It includes prostitution, indecent exposure, sexual assault and rape. Sexual offense charges are very intricate and involve several factors. Moreover, a conviction can bring with it a disgrace that lasts a lifetime. Consequently a person accused with a sexual offense must contact a qualified criminal defense attorney immediately.

Traffic Offense

Being charged with a traffic offense can be an annoyance. Liable on the nature of the offense, points might be evaluated to your license and your insurance charges may go up. Because these charges can become very costly, you need to find a criminal defense attorney who will get these charges reduced or thrown out.


Felonies are the most severe crimes committed under criminal law. Murder, drug trafficking, burglary, gun possession, rape, money laundering, child abuse and child pornography all fall under the “felony” title. Felonies includes heavy penalties, jail sentence and death punishment.


Misdemeanors are minor crimes controlled by criminal attorney and are punishable by county jail time of one year and criminal penalties. Petty theft, and destruction are all examples of misdemeanor crimes, and criminal defense attorney have specialties in almost every class.

If you are facing any criminal charges in Fairfax, VA you need to contact a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA to discuss your case.