Chesterfield VA Drug Charge Attorney

Drug-making, manufacturing, possession, consumption, and trading are the critical and high priority issues for Chesterfield, VA law enforcement authorities, and agencies. That is why law enforcement officers in the county of Chesterfield, Virginia most often aim to target individuals and groups who are involved in possession, consumption, distribution and other activities of illegal drugs, such as crystal meth and heroin. Likewise, the Code of Virginia comes with outrageous fines and heavy penalties for individuals who are involved in drug dealings. Thus, if you or your loved one has been accused of drug charges, it is imperative to leverage a reputable and well-experienced drug lawyer who can help you prevent or minimize the penalties and fines.

Blunders You Must Avoid in Cases Associated with Drugs and Illegal Substances

The biggest blunder you must avoid in cases involving possession, distribution, and consumption of illegal substances and drugs is when a person tries to handle all the court matters without approaching a Chesterfield, VA drug lawyer. Most individuals often believe that in case of their first drug offense, they shall not be sentenced with a significant penalty and fines. However, the court reactions can surprise them to the contrary.

Besides the aforementioned big mistake, defendants often make the blunder of giving statements to the government officers and law enforcement agencies even without initially consulting with a well-versed, reliable defense lawyer. An individual must know the nature and intensity of crime they have committed and the possible penalties for their crime before talking to the police officials. A drug lawyer can not only help you better understand your crime and its possible consequences, but also often negotiate with inspectors and investigators in order to obtain the charge that is dismissed or reduced eventually.

Alternative Diversion or Sentencing Programs

Typically, there are numerous diversionary or alternative sentencing options in case of the first offense of drug possession. Chesterfield, VA offers a first-timer offender program for most of the drug possession charges that also include marijuana. Such programs generally requires community service, drug testing, drug counseling, and a license suspension. The county of Chesterfield has a drug court as well. This court offers highly intensive counseling as well as a cure in return for the probable dismissal or decrease of an illegal substance’s possession charge.

Retain a Chesterfield, VA Drug Charge Attorney Right Away

It is highly important to consult a Chesterfield, VA drug charge attorney since even accusation yet not proved can render potentially negative impact on your personal as well as professional life. Also, they can cause a long-term prison sentence, an outrageous fine, and license suspension. For instance, when someone were to be found guilty of drugs in a large amount near or on them, then they might have to deal with ‘elevated possession with the primary intention to distribute’ charge. Just to make you aware that such a heinous charge can harm someone’s criminal record too much to repair since it is a felony. Consequently, it will probably result in significant jail time.