Sexual Assault attorney Hanover

Being accused of sexual violence is not just an act that happens with the bad people. If a person had sex with someone who later claimed to have been too drunk to accept sexual activities, for example, the accused might be subject to sexual assault charges. A person may also face charges of sexual violence … Read more

Prostitution and Solicitation Attorney in Richmond Virginia

In Virginia, the laws of solicitation and prostitution are strict, therefore, the penalties associated with the prostitution, its related crimes and solicitation are harsher. Prostitution is considered as the sex crime which involves the serious punishments of imprisonment and a significant amount of money as a penalty. The act of solicitation refers to requesting a … Read more

Petty Larceny Jail Time

If a person is convicted of larceny, or theft, it is necessary to analyze what kind of larceny has been committed. The court determines what type of conviction should be arranged against the offender. There is no constant period of conviction or amount of penalty for the offender. The state authorities have bifurcated between petty … Read more

Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia

Nowadays, Juvenile crime has become one of the most serious crime worldwide. Even good kids get in trouble with the laws sometimes, by violating them. A juvenile conviction can cause severe consequences. Kids often get into crime to get attention, or sometimes they drink, do drugs, or destroy the property in order to fit in … Read more

How much is a ticket for running a stop sign in Virginia?

Va. Code § 46.2-833: Failing to Follow Traffic Lights in Virginia As per the rules set by this Code of Virgina, any Virginian caught in violation of failing to follow the set traffic laws of this section will be found of committing a traffic infraction. They will be placed a penalty for this offense. A … Read more

Hanover Virginia petty larceny laws

Theft is a crime which is punishable by law. No matter how small it is, the court will punish the individual who commits theft. Theft is also called larceny. In the term of law, larceny is when a person steals from another person with the intention of depriving the individual permanently of money, services or … Read more

Getting a Traffic Ticket in Fairfax

A traffic ticket in Fairfax can happen to anyone from high school students to senior citizens. Traffic violations usually do not care for the person. A number of law abiding, honorable and good citizens have received them. A traffic ticket usually does not reflect on your moral quality however, it feels this way when you … Read more

Drug lawyer Virginia

The criminal drug charges in the state of Virginia results in either the penalties upon conviction or felony upon conviction, depending on a variety of factors. The drug lawyer Virginia work for the transferring the information related to the drug crime laws to the convicted individuals. These factors include the quantity and the type of … Read more

Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax, VA

Criminal law deals completely with criminal punishment and sentencing. The law practice of a criminal defense attorney typically focusses in two sorts of crimes which misdemeanors or lesser felonies, or superior crimes. Persons indicted of criminal action (even first time criminals) must refer with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Being charged with a … Read more

Chesterfield VA Drug Charge Attorney

Drug-making, manufacturing, possession, consumption, and trading are the critical and high priority issues for Chesterfield, VA law enforcement authorities, and agencies. That is why law enforcement officers in the county of Chesterfield, Virginia most often aim to target individuals and groups who are involved in possession, consumption, distribution and other activities of illegal drugs, such … Read more