When there is a break in a relationship, we always wonder who will get custody and how it will be determined. Well, it is mostly because of the process that the parties follow in the request for custody of the child. In the event that parents reach an out-of-court settlement on custody of their child … Read more

Modification of a Custody/Visitation Order in Virginia

Obtaining a child custody order with the agreement or by the judge’s order in the court, this will not going to work forever. As the time will pass, the needs of your child will start evolving, and the same thing will happen with your ex-partner and you as well. So, you need to realize that … Read more

Modification of Child Support in Virginia

Couples after getting divorced, barely look behind at their life. They intend to make a new way for themselves and try to keep themselves away from the court or any other law activity. But, if there’s a child, they both have to go for child support, no matter what. Child support becomes contentious easily because … Read more


A support order for children is formulated based on the income of both parents, the child’s needs, and other pertinent issues. If you feel that an order has become a burden or is inadequate, you should consult a lawyer because you may have to arrange for the existing order to be modified. STEP 1 – … Read more

Punishment for 1st degree sex offenses in Maryland

Mary has been guilty of sexual offenses. Of course, a prisoner convicted for a short period of time is guilty, but there are enduring effects. Sexual strike rates have been marked in your permanent register, many of them are being screened for exams and may be difficult to make even easier job opportunities, housing or … Read more

4th degree sex offenses for Maryland

A fourth-degree sexual offense is a standout amongst the most widely recognized sex wrongdoings in Maryland. Ordinarily, this wrongdoing includes a type of sexual contact or contacting, yet it can likewise include intercourse in the event that it falls under the statutory assault age rules. There is likewise an arrangement under this law that makes … Read more

Virginia Federal Cyber Crime Lawyer

Richmond Online Criminal Counsel Have you been arrested for an online crime in Richmond? A major crime known as a computer crime is a high-tech crime that often involves computers, phone calls or various virtual tools. Years after the construction of the era, people have been able to use it to take advantage of them, … Read more

Federal Cyber criminal Charges Defense Attorney

Understanding cybercrime Whenever a computer criminal fraud is summoned to computer fraud, the long term period is to use laptops in a computer that damages or invalidates individuals, institutions, or governments. The Internet Fraud Scam is a cybercrime, but it is not necessary to install this crime on the Internet. Also, other types of fraud … Read more

Hit and Runs in Hopewell Virginia

If you’ve been damaged recently in a twist of a lost car in the fate of Virginia, you will experience it in your favor to receive instant assistance from a lawyer. At Law Offices of SRIS P.C., we have our own clients and assets, one of the oldest and largest regulatory agencies in the Virginia … Read more

Hopewell Virginia DUI Lawyer

Arresting DUI in Hopewell VA could be a shameful and devastating event. It’s not about time to have a lawyer who will almost vote for you. The simple fact is that you have a problem with regulation and you need a non-evaluation recommendation that will provide you with direct advice to you about protecting you … Read more