Ley Etiquetado Suplementos Dietéticos Naturales Herbales Virginia Maryland

Suplementos Dietéticos Hierbas En los Estados Unidos, la FDA regula tanto los productos finales como los ingredientes de los aditivos alimentarios, de conformidad con la Ley de Educación y Salud de los Suplementos Dietéticos (DSHEA) de 1994. Según esa ley, los fabricantes de suplementos dietéticos no necesitan la aprobación de la FDA antes de fabricar, … Read more

Labelling law of Natural and Herbal Dietary Supplements in Virginia and Maryland

Herbal Dietary Supplements In the United States, the FDA regulates both final products and ingredients in food additives, pursuant to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994. Under that act, manufacturers of dietary supplements do not need FDA approval before they manufacture, label, distribute, and market their products. Unfortunately, a 1994 law … Read more

Uso Material Orgánico Genéticamente Modificado Producción Suplementos Dietéticos Naturales Herbales Virginia Maryland

Suplementos Dietéticos Naturales Herbales El uso de ingeniería genética u organismos genéticamente modificados (OGM) está prohibido en productos orgánicos. Los OMG, u Organismos Genéticamente Modificados, son organismos a los que se les ha alterado su material genético mediante ingeniería genética. La ingeniería genética se puede hacer en plantas, animales o bacterias, así como en otros organismos que … Read more

Use of Genetically Modified Organic Material in Production of Natural and Herbal Dietary Supplements in Virginia and Maryland

Natural and Herbal Dietary Supplements The use of genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is prohibited in organic products. GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are organisms that have had their genetic material altered by means of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering can be done on plants, animals, or bacteria, as well as other organisms that … Read more

Major and minor Sex offenses in VA

Sex offenses are very serious indeed because they involve a violation of an aspect of life that should always remain special, pure and private. However, not all sex offenses are equal. Treating them as such would be doing a huge disservice to the people that are suffering as a result of these sex crimes because … Read more

mandatory jail time for dui in VA

The jail time for DUI can vary depending on a variety of factors. If you were driving under the influence of alcohol and end up damaging someone else’s property, or even hit someone, you are likely to end up in jail. There will be a hearing and you will need to have a lawyer on … Read more


In the state of Maryland, child molestation comes under the heading of child abuse. It is a wide category and all the crimes that come under it are heavily punished and no stone is left unturned in getting the justice served. A crime against a minor is not something that should be taken lightly and … Read more


Crimes in which a minor is the victim put everyone at the edge of their seats. A minor is someone who is considered to be below the age of consent in many countries. This means that they are unable to consent to whatever act they are lured into committing. For this particular reason the crimes … Read more


Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime that is taken very seriously in the state of Maryland. It is not the kind of crime that can be swept under the rug or be dealt with lightly in any way. Sexual abuse is generally treated very harshly in all states of the USA. In Maryland, sex … Read more


The world is moving at a fast pace and with it is the use of technology and other devices. However no matter how clever and dangerous the world and its people become, there is one thing that can never be sped up and that is childhood. Children everywhere are innocent, naïve and extremely trusting. They … Read more