Virginia Pocket Knife Laws

A pocket knife is a universal tool and can be used for a large number of purposes. We all know how great a pocket knife is in all types of circumstances. You can use it not only for cutting fruits but you can also use it when you do not have a paper cutter, scissors, or anything sharp. Besides this, if you have ever been caught or trapped in some trouble, you can use a pocket knife for cutting tying ropes, bands, tearing covers, just to name a few.

But, the problem arises when Virginia pocket knife laws interact with your knife possession and its buying and selling. This is because the state’s laws are aimed to protect you from different types of weapons, knives and their kinds. It is important that your pocket knife should comply with the Virginia pocket knife laws as it is your responsibility being a sensible citizen.

It has been observed that after the legal restriction on possession, concealing, and trade of the knives under the Virginia knife laws, some companies had started to sell the throwing blades, stilettos, ballistic knives, or oriental darts in a fine concealing which looked like similar to that of the pocket knives. That’s why Virginia pocket knife laws were imposed on the concerned authorities who were found to be involved in manufacturing, distributing, buying and selling of dangerous and weapon like pocket knives.

Definition of a Pocket Knife

According to the Virginia pocket knife laws, the definition of a pocket knife can be stated as “a knife that is small enough to be placed in the pocket and can be portable at any place with one or more blades that can be concealed in the handle of the knife.

Virginia Pocket Knife Law

According to Virginia, pocket knife law section 18.2-311 mentions that it is legal to own, buy, sell, or carry a pocket knife that can be concealed in its handle and the blade should be 3 inches or bigger.

On the other hand, the law states that the pocket foldable knife of blade lesser than 3 inches is illegal to keep, carry, buy or sell. However, some types of pocket knives are completely illegal irrespective of the size of blades. This includes switchblades, butterfly, and Gerber knives.

The primary objective of Virginia pocket knife laws is to restrict the trade, transport, and use of the dangerous or harmful type of knives as they can be used as a stabbing or murder weapon.


According to the Virginia Pocket Knife Law, section 18.2-308 states that “a person found to be involved in possessing, buying, selling, or concealing the illegal pocket knives; he will be sentenced by both or any one of the charges i.e. up to 2 years of imprisonment and $2,500 fine.

The Virginia pocket knife laws will ensure the protection and safety of the state and the societies by lowering the risk and rate of knife crimes. Although the use of pocket knives is universal and versatile safety and precaution are far better to consider that the use of the pocket knives in our everyday lives.

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Stafford County Reckless Driving

There are different consequences faced by individuals when they are charged with Stafford County reckless driving. It is important for a person to be aware of the fact that if he/she accepts the guilt in any case in which Stafford County reckless driving is highlighted, the judge appreciates this point and on request of the reckless driving attorney, reduces the punishment and penalty. There are quite fewer people who know the legal provisions related to Stafford County reckless driving. For any person convicted of Stafford County reckless driving, it is necessary that experienced and best lawyers must be contacted.

This will help the person in bringing proper defense and evidence to the court. Eventually, the court will consider the defense presented and impose fines and punishment. It cannot be denied that Stafford County reckless driving cases are rarely decided in favor of the defendant. This demonstrates that for a lawyer to be qualified and experienced in dealing reckless driving cases is quite significant. If the defendant has contacted a less experienced lawyer, it may lead to a weak case in the court. But it must also be noticed that there are different types of reckless driving lawyers who provide their services on different criminal, family, and legal matters.

For a Stafford County reckless driving charge, there are different options available such as bringing a defense in the court or paying the fines imposed by the law. One thing is required that the name of the person who has been convicted in the Stafford County reckless driving charge should be listed and called in the court. It is believed by some people that failure to appear may lead to negative impact on the person’s position in the criminal record.

When it is known to a court that a person has failed to appear in the court on the hearing date in a Stafford County reckless driving case, arrest warrants are issued and fines are imposed additionally. The main points that are considered relevant in the court regarding Stafford County reckless driving are that the person has crossed the speed limit that is provided in the law. Moreover, the person having knowledge that reckless driving is a crime has committed this offense. In addition, the person has caused damage to any other person or property due to Stafford County reckless driving.

An attorney defending a case of reckless driving considers all such points significant. This also helps the defendant that all the facts should be informed to the attorney in an exact manner, not creating any ambiguity in the attorney’s mind. When the court considers the facts and determines the defense provided, the rules mentioned in Code of Virginia related to reckless driving are also deemed relevant. Considering all such points, the decisions are made in the court. Moreover, penalties are also imposed based on the fact, that the defendant was involved in committing Stafford County reckless driving. Any person who founds that he/she has committed reckless driving should contact the Law offices of SRIS P.C as soon as possible. This will help the defendant in getting reduced punishments.

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Sexual Assault attorney Hanover

Being accused of sexual violence is not just an act that happens with the bad people. If a person had sex with someone who later claimed to have been too drunk to accept sexual activities, for example, the accused might be subject to sexual assault charges. A person may also face charges of sexual violence in the context of a marriage. The fee is large and includes any unwanted sexual relationship. If an individual is faced with a task of this kind, no matter what his intentions are, he immediately needs a lawyer to protect him from possible disastrous consequences that may have a conviction. Sexual Assault Attorney Hanover has the expertise to defend such cases and protect the accused from legal obligations.

Like many sexual crimes, people accused of sexual violence are often considered guilty until proven innocent. However, Sexual Assault Attorney Hanover does not see people like the same way. Sexual Assault Attorney Hanover is committed to protecting the rights of those accused of sexual violence in Hanover against false or potentially exaggerated accusations. They can offer a solid defense for a series of sexual assault charges, which include:

  • Gossip
  • Accused has tried the violation
  • The date of the violation
  • Marriage abduction

On the other hand, being convicted of sexual assault can have serious and lasting effects on accused’s life, including imprisonment and reduced access to education and job opportunities. As a lawyer experienced in defense of sexual assault, Sexual Assault Attorney Hanover will do everything possible to protect accused’s rights against these charges.

The options available to a person accused of a sex offense vary depending on the nature of the crime and the evidence against him. If a person was accused of storing pornographic materials with children, the Sexual Assault Attorney Hanover could deny that he uploaded illegal material. If a person is accused of violence against an adult, consent can be a potential defense. However, consent is not a defense if he is accused of raping a child. The lawyer will carefully consider the case of sexual assault, inform the defendant about the options available to him and appear before the court or help conclude an agreement with prosecutors, which may lead to imposition and reduction of sentences. The goal is to preserve the name of the list of sexual harassment and to avoid conviction.

However, a solid defense is required for many reasons, but the most significant reason is that the law of Hanover is quite strict regarding sexual crimes. The Hanover law prohibits persons under the age of 18 from exposing their private parts to children under 15 years of age. It is also forbidden to assume that the child is calming and developing private parts or the other organ or invites a child to enter a sexual activity. This behavior is a serious offense unless the money does not change hands; it is not a recurring crime or grandchildren, stepchildren or children, where the charges are very tough to defend. Therefore, it is important for people to prevent such charges because they spoil the rest of life.

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Prostitution and Solicitation Attorney in Richmond Virginia

In Virginia, the laws of solicitation and prostitution are strict, therefore, the penalties associated with the prostitution, its related crimes and solicitation are harsher. Prostitution is considered as the sex crime which involves the serious punishments of imprisonment and a significant amount of money as a penalty. The act of solicitation refers to requesting a prostitute to make sexual contact by offering the money. Solicitation also comes under the category of prostitution and therefore, the punishments for prostitution are also applicable to the individual who is involved in the act. If a person is charged with the prostitution or solicitation offenses then a skilled and compassionate prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia will be required to make strong defenses against the charges.

According to the laws, participating, promoting and facilitating the act of prostitution is a serious offense. According to code section 18.2-361 of Virginia laws, prostitution is defined as acts of sexual activities performed in exchange for money. The individual found involved in the act of prostitution may be charged with class one felony and will be punishable by the imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of up to $2,500. The prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia can help the individual in reducing the penalty.

Moreover, receiving money from prostitution and keeping a place which is used for the purpose of prostitution is also a crime under section code 18.2-347 of Virginia law. The charges of class one misdemeanor will be applicable to the person involved in the activities. Moreover, the acts which involve the utilization of prostitution as business and earning money by abducting someone bear harsher punishment than the individual prostitution crime. However, if an individual forcing someone to engage in prostitution then according to the code section 18.2-355, the individual will be charged with class four felony and will be punished for up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $100,000. Therefore, the skilful and knowledgeable prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia will suggest you the appropriate defenses by reviewing the case details.

Sex crimes are considered as the serious offenses in Richmond Virginia. Therefore, when the individual is charged with prostitution and solicitation crimes in Richmond Virginia, it would adversely affect his or her social life along with the education, professional career and relationships. Also, the future re-investigation also causes difficulties in performing daily activities and impact the reputation of the person. Therefore, by getting the legal representation of inferior standard, the person might put his future at risk. Consulting a prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia will help the person in dealing with complex cases and their prosecution.

To allow the person to plead to a lesser felony, the attorney might negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutor which will help the person in avoiding the criminal records of prostitution crime. Moreover, if you are accused with the charges of sex crimes then prostitution and solicitation attorney in Richmond Virginia can guide you for better defense options by observing the case details and will help you to plead not guilty to avoid the harsh punishments.

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Petty Larceny Jail Time

If a person is convicted of larceny, or theft, it is necessary to analyze what kind of larceny has been committed. The court determines what type of conviction should be arranged against the offender. There is no constant period of conviction or amount of penalty for the offender. The state authorities have bifurcated between petty larceny, which carries less severe charges, and grand larceny, which encompasses serious conviction. Other than that, some factors are also determined to see the intensity of larceny, i.e., aggravating and mitigating factors, to see whether the offense should be regarded as petty larceny or grand larceny. Each case is of different nature, and the person accused of larceny charges is allowed to prove his innocence until the final verdict of the court. A person who has no previous criminal or theft record is likely to receive petty larceny jail time for one year. This is the maximum period of the sentence according to the state laws for petty larceny.

In Virginia, if a person has stolen property of another person whose value is less than $200 with no prior record of conviction, this is known as Class 1 misdemeanor. More often, prosecutors boast value of the stolen property to make the case stronger; the final decision is upheld in the discretion of the court. When the property or any merchandise is stolen, its value is determined by finding its current market value. If the accused has resorted to steal property against the will of the victim or without his consent, the accused is likely to suffer petty larceny jail time for one year along with a monetary fine of $2,500. At the same time, if the value of the stolen property exceeds $200, it is considered as grand larceny and he accused will come across more serious punishment.

It is fortunate that district courts in Virginia pass on merciful sentences against those who committed the crime of petty larceny for the first time. However, if the stolen good is the property of a police officer or any investigating officer, the case gets more serious. The prosecutor strives to bring out harsh court verdict against the offender to cherish his client. In this situation, it is advised to hire a lawyer and discuss your case with him to avoid getting petty larceny jail time for a long period. While the court gives a chance to the accused upon first hearing to plead guilty or not guilty, a novice always gets in trouble while defending his case on his own. Thus, support of a good lawyer will help you defend yourself during court hearings.

Although the sentence of a petty larceny jail time is not longer, a person will be deprived of living his life in his own way. He will lose his reputation and also his employment. Even after his release, he will suffer mental disturbance for a long period of time. Therefore, the guidance of a defense lawyer will help you avoid face jail sentence. The courts of Virginia has also shown leniency for the first time offenders to take part in community-related services as an alternative to petty larceny jail time. This type of program will help you retain your reputation and job along with the freedom of living independently.

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Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia

Nowadays, Juvenile crime has become one of the most serious crime worldwide. Even good kids get in trouble with the laws sometimes, by violating them. A juvenile conviction can cause severe consequences. Kids often get into crime to get attention, or sometimes they drink, do drugs, or destroy the property in order to fit in their friends. It is crucial for the parents to understand such situation of their child. There are strict laws and regulations in Prince William Virginia for juvenile crimes. A person who is convicted of such crimes can face harsh penalties. The accused can be charged with either felony or misdemeanour. Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia are sentenced when kids are involved in drug offenses, traffic offenses, larceny, and petty larceny, gang violations, violent crimes including robbery and armed robbery, sexual offenses including rape, underage drinking, curfew violation, truancy, possession of fake id, etc.

Consequences of Juvenile Crime:

Due to Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia, the future opportunities for the individual are minimized. The reason of lack of future opportunities is that their record is subjected to a criminal. When a juvenile commits a crime, he or she is charged by either the probation officer or a prosecutor in a civil petition or court, which means “not criminal”. There are three types of offenses in which a person can be charged which include felony, misdemeanour, and infraction. Felony is considered as the most serious crime with harsh penalties than another type. The Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia, significantly affect the educational career of the student.

A crime committed by a juvenile is investigated as any other crime in the Prince William Virginia. The officers’ conduct a thorough investigation to gather sufficient evidence to prove that juvenile has committed that crime. If the officer believes that there are enough evidence that can prove that juvenile is convicted of the crime than the reports are sent to the County Attorney’s office or a citation is issued. They review the information, and decide either the evidences support the charges or not. Based on the reviews and investigations, the juvenile is sentenced to penalties under misdemeanour and felony category. Because of Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia, the child will have a public record as a convicted felon for the rest of the life.

Juvenile Representation Lawyer:

The juvenile justice system in Prince William Virginia has drastically evolved over the past two decades. It is important to immediately hire an experienced lawyer who can plan a proper defence process against the case. These lawyers can reduce or even dismiss the Juvenile felony charges in Prince William Virginia. They help the juveniles, if they are a student, to acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed to carry out the responsibilities and rights. They counsel their client by helping them to increase their thinking skills and the process of decision-making. The parents also bear the responsibility to look after the activities of their child and to ensure that they are not involved in any type of illegal activity.

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How much is a ticket for running a stop sign in Virginia?

Va. Code § 46.2-833: Failing to Follow Traffic Lights in Virginia

As per the rules set by this Code of Virgina, any Virginian caught in violation of failing to follow the set traffic laws of this section will be found of committing a traffic infraction. They will be placed a penalty for this offense. A fine of $350 will have to be paid by them.

This Code of Virginia is designed for traffic lights that every Virginian citizen is expected to follow. The code will be violated in the following cases when:

  1. They run through a stop sign or are not making a full stop
  2. Running through a red light
  3. Not stopping before or at the crosswalk at an intersection (limit line)
  4. Failing to stay when on the blinking red and yellow lights

Fine for Running a Stop Sign in the State of Virginia

Stop sign violations are treated as traffic infractions in the state of Virginia’s Commonwealth. The maximum fine an offender can receive for a stop sign offense is $250. Although, most convicted motorist typically are fined a stop sign ticket for $88.

A driver’s driving record will show an addition of demerit points if found guilty of a stop sign conviction. Any driver whose record shows a total of too many points will be most likely to have their license suspended. Nonetheless, the state of Virginia can place a deduction of a five-point on all those eligible motorists who complete the driver improvement clinic.

Based on the situation, a stop sign violation can be taken for a conviction of reckless driving. Any driver caught high on alcohol or drugs, and happens to run a stop sign which leads to the death of a person, will be held for vehicular manslaughter charges.

Get help from you Virginian Attorney in clearing your Traffic Ticket violation

Although traffic infractions are minor offenses, a driving record showing way too many offenses will be bound to end for a higher insurance rate.  Not only that, the driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. Any Virginian driver showing a history of traffic violations will have to face a rough time in dealing with any future traffic charges.  An experienced and capable Virginian lawyer at your side will know and guide you on how all your traffic-related charges. You must be well aware of all your options on how to tackle your offenses. Your lawyer will make sure you are.

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Hanover Virginia petty larceny laws

Theft is a crime which is punishable by law. No matter how small it is, the court will punish the individual who commits theft. Theft is also called larceny. In the term of law, larceny is when a person steals from another person with the intention of depriving the individual permanently of money, services or goods. If someone steals from a shopping center, it is called shoplifting. For example, an individual comes up and takes away some gods from a shop; it is called shoplifting.  Shoplifting is also a type of larceny. Larceny also has a few types such as petty larceny or grand larceny. Petty larceny is theft of small amount grand larceny is theft of large amount. Every state has its rules and regulations for larceny. If you are in Hanover, then you need to know Hanover Virginia petty larceny laws. If you live there and someone comes into your shop and steals from you, it is time you put charges on that individual. The best way to do so is to seek legal help. You should seek help from lawyers; find a law firm which has the best criminal defense lawyers. Our law firm Law offices of SRIS P.C is one of the best law firms from which you can take help. We have top quality, experienced lawyers who deal with petty larceny laws and cases. They have the knowledge and expertise to deal with such cases and ensure that you get justice.

Petty larceny in Hanover Virginia

Like any other city, Hanover Virginia also has laws and punishments for larceny which are different from other states. If you live are in Hanover Virginia and are part of petty larceny you should get legal help as soon as possible. It is important that you file the case as quickly as possible. The more time you spend, the chances of catching the culprit will be less. Take our help at Law offices of SRIS P.C. We will make sure that you get what you want. Our expert lawyers will do everything for you. They will not just be your voice in court but also do the paperwork and handle the case from the beginning. You just need to give us the information we ask; the rest is on our lawyers. We will ensure that the culprit goes to jail for either 12 months or less or pays a Fine of $2500 or less. It is the lawful punishment which a person can get if he commits larceny in Hanover Virginia. The punishment for petty larceny is not more than months and not more than $2500.

Go to the best lawyers

The value of petty larceny is $5 to $200. Larceny is punishable if it is less than $5 when someone steals from you directly by hand and $200 when it is theft or shoplifting, etc.

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Getting a Traffic Ticket in Fairfax

A traffic ticket in Fairfax can happen to anyone from high school students to senior citizens. Traffic violations usually do not care for the person. A number of law abiding, honorable and good citizens have received them. A traffic ticket usually does not reflect on your moral quality however, it feels this way when you receive a traffic ticket in Fairfax despite for being a good driver for many years and it is most natural to look for a way to redeem yourself to prevent the mentioning of a traffic violation against your driving record. Although paying the fine against the traffic ticket is the easy way out but it will have a major impact in long run as a traffic ticket will not just add up to your driving record but it will also add DMV demerit points and consequently your insurance premiums will be increased. While you may not realize but a simple traffic ticket for a minor infraction could become hostile if you are charged for another traffic violation in near future. Considering that Fairfax is a densely populated jurisdiction and a driver is always at the risk of traffic violation, if you received a number of traffic tickets in a certain period of time, the DMV will automatically take away your privilege of driving anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Unfortunately if you get involved with a traffic offense such as DUI, DWI or reckless driving, this previous record of traffic ticket can turn hostile for you and become a hurdle in your way of getting out with the charge of a traffic related offense. The Court intends to decide the sentence against a traffic related offense considering if you’re a first time offender or a regular one. A traffic ticket can make you face strict penalties and punishments if you are caught with traffic violations in a number of different ways. The court can impose a heavy fine, an active jail sentence for a year and suspension of your driver’s license. Therefore, prepaying for a traffic ticket may seems as an easy and less expensive option in short run but it can cause a financial burden in long run because as soon as your insurance company will find out about your traffic ticket, they will increase the insurance premiums significantly. The best way to deal with a traffic ticket in Fairfax is to consult with a knowledgeable and well versed traffic lawyer.

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Drug lawyer Virginia

The criminal drug charges in the state of Virginia results in either the penalties upon conviction or felony upon conviction, depending on a variety of factors. The drug lawyer Virginia work for the transferring the information related to the drug crime laws to the convicted individuals. These factors include the quantity and the type of the controlled substance, along with the condition of the defendant who is accused of the drug possession for the personal sale, use, or distribution. The circumstance and evidence surrounding the controlled substance are open to interpretation and highly subjective. You can have the possible chances of getting rid of the charges imposed against you by hiring the drug lawyer Virginia who is experienced. The drug lawyers should have the extensive experience of fighting against the controlled substance chances by the utilization of the in-depth charges of the drug laws and successful cases in Virginia.

Marijuana Possession Crimes in Virginia

According to Virginia code, it is not legal to possess marijuana intentionally, knowingly and without any legal prescription from the licensed physician. Moreover, the prosecutors cannot build the case just on the basis that an individual owns or occupies the building or the vehicle in which marijuana is found by the authorities. The drug lawyer Virginia will help you in knowing the major rules and regulations associated with the laws in Virginia related to drug crimes.

Controlled Substance Possession in Virginia

The Virginian criminal code covers the laws that are linked to the controlled substances other than marijuana. This code will prohibit the citizens of the state from the possession of any controlled substances without getting the permission from the health care providers and the authorities. According to the marijuana laws in Virginia, possession charges cannot be developed against the owner of the automobile or dwelling only based on discovering a substance within it. Drug lawyer Virginia will also provide guidance regarding the law enforcement officers who are engaged in their official responsibilities are exempted from this code.

Distribution and Manufacture of Controlled Substance in Virginia

In almost all the states in the US, the alleged crimes of sale and manufacturing, drug distribution is treated in a more serious way in Virginia as compared to the crime of the possession of the controlled substance. It is not allowed that any individual should carry a large amount of drug quantity that will result in deeming the law enforcement, as compared to the possession of the illegal drug.

The penalties for lesser quantities of the drug depends on the type of the drug which is caught by the authorities to be possessed, distributed or manufactured with the wrong intention. The drug lawyers Virginia will let you know the schedule for drugs I and II, with the penalties ranging from the 5 to 40-years imprisonment, a fine of more than $500,000 and the felony which is reflected on the permanent record of the offender. Hope this article helped you in knowing the laws related to the drug crimes according to the type of drug that is possessed by the individual who is convicted of the crime.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax, VA

Criminal law deals completely with criminal punishment and sentencing. The law practice of a criminal defense attorney typically focusses in two sorts of crimes which misdemeanors or lesser felonies, or superior crimes. Persons indicted of criminal action (even first time criminals) must refer with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Being charged with a crime can be a devastating experience. From arrest and booking to your final arrival in front of a judge, the experience can be truly frightening.   It benefits to have an associate on your side who knows what to anticipate, who knows the law, and who knows how to fight to get the best outcome possible. The criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA have just that blend of information and persistence with several years of experience.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Fairfax, VA includes delinquencies of control, manufacture, use, and delivery. The validity of each drug is regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, which groups drugs into five distinct “schedules,” with Schedule I marking the most controlled and hazardous drugs.


Various main summaries to the criminal law occur because of DUI, can be extremely severe under drunk driving laws, and it might be sensible to refer with an expert criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA before undergoing a DUI sentencing.

Sexual offenses

Sexual offenses include a broad range of charges in Virginia law, all of them very serious. It includes prostitution, indecent exposure, sexual assault and rape. Sexual offense charges are very intricate and involve several factors. Moreover, a conviction can bring with it a disgrace that lasts a lifetime. Consequently a person accused with a sexual offense must contact a qualified criminal defense attorney immediately.

Traffic Offense

Being charged with a traffic offense can be an annoyance. Liable on the nature of the offense, points might be evaluated to your license and your insurance charges may go up. Because these charges can become very costly, you need to find a criminal defense attorney who will get these charges reduced or thrown out.


Felonies are the most severe crimes committed under criminal law. Murder, drug trafficking, burglary, gun possession, rape, money laundering, child abuse and child pornography all fall under the “felony” title. Felonies includes heavy penalties, jail sentence and death punishment.


Misdemeanors are minor crimes controlled by criminal attorney and are punishable by county jail time of one year and criminal penalties. Petty theft, and destruction are all examples of misdemeanor crimes, and criminal defense attorney have specialties in almost every class.

If you are facing any criminal charges in Fairfax, VA you need to contact a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA to discuss your case.

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Chesterfield VA Drug Charge Attorney

Drug-making, manufacturing, possession, consumption, and trading are the critical and high priority issues for Chesterfield, VA law enforcement authorities, and agencies. That is why law enforcement officers in the county of Chesterfield, Virginia most often aim to target individuals and groups who are involved in possession, consumption, distribution and other activities of illegal drugs, such as crystal meth and heroin. Likewise, the Code of Virginia comes with outrageous fines and heavy penalties for individuals who are involved in drug dealings. Thus, if you or your loved one has been accused of drug charges, it is imperative to leverage a reputable and well-experienced drug lawyer who can help you prevent or minimize the penalties and fines.

Blunders You Must Avoid in Cases Associated with Drugs and Illegal Substances

The biggest blunder you must avoid in cases involving possession, distribution, and consumption of illegal substances and drugs is when a person tries to handle all the court matters without approaching a Chesterfield, VA drug lawyer. Most individuals often believe that in case of their first drug offense, they shall not be sentenced with a significant penalty and fines. However, the court reactions can surprise them to the contrary.

Besides the aforementioned big mistake, defendants often make the blunder of giving statements to the government officers and law enforcement agencies even without initially consulting with a well-versed, reliable defense lawyer. An individual must know the nature and intensity of crime they have committed and the possible penalties for their crime before talking to the police officials. A drug lawyer can not only help you better understand your crime and its possible consequences, but also often negotiate with inspectors and investigators in order to obtain the charge that is dismissed or reduced eventually.

Alternative Diversion or Sentencing Programs

Typically, there are numerous diversionary or alternative sentencing options in case of the first offense of drug possession. Chesterfield, VA offers a first-timer offender program for most of the drug possession charges that also include marijuana. Such programs generally requires community service, drug testing, drug counseling, and a license suspension. The county of Chesterfield has a drug court as well. This court offers highly intensive counseling as well as a cure in return for the probable dismissal or decrease of an illegal substance’s possession charge.

Retain a Chesterfield, VA Drug Charge Attorney Right Away

It is highly important to consult a Chesterfield, VA drug charge attorney since even accusation yet not proved can render potentially negative impact on your personal as well as professional life. Also, they can cause a long-term prison sentence, an outrageous fine, and license suspension. For instance, when someone were to be found guilty of drugs in a large amount near or on them, then they might have to deal with ‘elevated possession with the primary intention to distribute’ charge. Just to make you aware that such a heinous charge can harm someone’s criminal record too much to repair since it is a felony. Consequently, it will probably result in significant jail time.

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Alexandria Virginia Expungements Lawyers

If you ever got charged with a misdemeanor in Alexandria, Virginia in the past it is important to know that the criminal records are visible to the public eye. This can significantly disturb your life as prospective employers, colleges, universities, and landlords can easily look up your criminal history in Virginia. Fortunately, it is possible to get you records expunged.

However, every case is different so it is important that you contact an experienced Alexandria Virginia attorney to assess the particulars of your case, evaluate your options and help you file a petition.

Some of the reasons for which you should get your records expunged include:

  • It may affect your enrollment in a college or a university
  • If you want to serve as volunteer especially if it involves children
  • Your prospective employers can go through your criminal history and this may affect your chance to get a job

Under the Virginia Code Section 19.2-392.2, you are eligible for an expungement if:

  1. the prosecutor dropped or dismissed your charges
  2. a person responsible for the misdemeanor used your credentials or name
  3. You get proven innocent and receive a full pardon

 The Expungement process in Alexandria, Virginia:

In Virginia, The first step is to file a petition in the Circuit Court of the place where the charges were filed. The petition should state the applicable facts, the specific charge you want to get expunged and the eligibility of the person. It should include the relevant documents and certified copies of the warrant or indictment.
The copy of your petition is sent to the Commonwealth Attorney who has twenty-one days to answer the petition of file an objection to it.

The accused person’s fingerprints are then sent along with a copy of the petition to the CCRE (Central Criminal Records exchange)

They forward this information to the court with a copy of the warrant and the criminal history. After the court receives all the necessary documents, a hearing is scheduled. The jury determines if the existence of this information can be harmful and if the statutory criteria are met. The Virginia State Police is then sent a copy of the decision. If the expungement is approved, the Virginia state police follow the Order and the charges are removed from the police records and related agencies. After a reasonable amount of time, the moving party is notified about the completion of the expungement by the State Police.

Potential employers, universities and landlords having access to criminal records mean that you can get denied of employment, accommodation and other facilities. It is therefore important for removing a criminal history that is unjustly disturbing your life or has the potential to do so, from the police and court records so they are not accessible by the public. You should refer to a skilled Virginia expungement lawyer who is familiar with the expungement proceedings to help you file a petition and avoid these unjust consequences.

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Sexual Battery in Prince William Virginia

Sexual battery is certainly one of the most offensive crimes committed, especially in Prince William Virginia. Sexually Battery in Prince Willian Virginia is not only a threat to the society but can also physically and psychologically affect the victim in many ways. Sexual battery can also leave an emotional trauma that may differ from victimization in other forms. A person’s self-respect and self-esteem get greatly affected and his personal feelings and character can get greatly affected from the act of sexual battery, which can make it even more critical for him when he is growing up.

Sexual battery can make any person feel uncomfortable, as it involves touching of an intimate part of another person without his or her consent, which is done for the purpose of sexual arousal. Sexual battery in Prince William Virginia can happen anywhere, whether you are at a college, workplace, at a certain party or even at a public place. People need to feel more secure about themselves.

Understanding Sexual Battery in Prince William Virginia

The first thing that you need to understand about the sexual battery in Price Willian Virginia is that this offense is all about the unlawful sexual contact done to a person without their consent. Sexual battery in Price Willian Virginia are particularly very strict about sexual battery crimes which are committed against minors who are underage. Sexual battery is less severe than sexual penetration as if done then it would counted and considered as a rape, as rape as a sex crime is the forcible encounter to have a sexual intercourse with a person without his or her consent. Sexual battery in Prince William Virginia can be hard to prove, and if you’re charged with a sexual battery in Prince William Virginia then you are guilty until proven otherwise. Sexual battery is about the intentional touching of a victim’s private or intimate body parts without their consent. This also covers touching of the clothing which is covering the immediate area of the victim’s private body part. If that intentional touching is reasonably done for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal, that person shall be guilty of sexual battery in Price Willian Virginia. Sexual battery in Prince William Virginia can further involve any sexual contact because of the intentional or forcible touching of a victim’s private body part.

Furthermore, sexual battery in Price Willian Virginia can involve force or coercion to complete the sexual battery act. It could simply be as groping a woman’s breast at a bar, which also involves the fact that the women did not consent to such a behavior in the first place.

Knowing about Force and Coercion in the context of Sexual Battery

Force and coercion are more complicated and varied but just in the case of rape and sexual battery, the defendant can easily be threatened to agree to the facts in regard to sexual battery. It is also a fact that most sexual battery in Prince William Virginia are fabricated and can turn out to be fraud and controversial. It can open defendants to be vulnerable in many scenarios in the courtroom. Sexual battery can land a person in jail for a time period of less than a year and a huge fine charge.

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Reckless driving Shenandoah, Virginia penalty

Shenandoah is a county in Virginia located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia has a very strict set of laws and regulations when it comes to traffic violation. Shenandoah County also follows and ensures the same strict road laws for the safety and security of people. Reckless driving is reflected as a mental state in which the driver or the motorist choses to neglect the laws set forth by the authority. Reckless driving is considered as a serious crime in the US and in Virginia.

Actions that are considered as reckless driving are:

  • Riding a vehicle with defective/damaged brakes
  • Racing any other vehicle
  • Not understanding/abiding the traffic signals
  • Not using the turn lights properly
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Not stopping while approaching a stopped school bus
  • Driving with such a number of people in the front seat that the driver cannot see the path clearly

For the above mentioned list of actions, the offender receives the Virginia reckless driving ticket. Which has serious consequences and penalties. The offender can lose his job, he or she can lose their license temporarily, and they can also lose their security clearance. In severe cases the offender might have to serve a sentence of 6 months or even up to a year in jail. The maximum fine penalty that an offender can receive is $2500. The maximum amount is not imposed of offenders normally. The normal fine that is pressed against traffic rules violation or for reckless driving varies from $250 to $350. The judge, can under certain conditions provide the offender with a restricted license. A restricted license allows the offender to drive to certain locations like workplace, school, hospitals, childcare and etc.

In a situation like this the punishment or the consequences can be lessened by making proper arguments in front of the judge and by presenting previous clean driving records but for all of this process you will need an attorney to represent you in legal proceedings and guide you through the whole process. Often these situations put you in a state of worry about whom to contact and who to trust. SRIS Law group is a firm that was founded with the aim of providing people with support and help regarding legal issues. To have your legal representation in a very efficient way, you need to hire a lawyer. SRIS Law group is a law firm which provides efficient services regarding the reckless driving cases. Our firm has been working to help and assist people with legal issues for many years. Our highly experienced and educated attorneys make the process very easy and simple to comprehend and follow the case in the most efficient way. Our Lawyers have been working on the cases related to Reckless driving for many years. You can make an appointment and visit the attorney yourself to witness the distinct hard work we put into our work and the services we provide at a very affordable cost.

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Reckless driving Loudoun Virginia law

Traffic violations are considered to be an offense of substantial illegitimacy on which court sentences strict punishments upon the accused. Reckless driving is considered to be most serious and most dangerous offense of all other traffic offenses, where driver endangers property and lives of people around. Reckless driving refers to the act of driving in which driver drivers rashly while not caring about the lives and property of individuals in the surrounding. Under the light of US law following Virginia Law Sections have been designed:

  • 2-852: The section states the general rule of Reckless Driving: When a person is driving recklessly violating the speed limit prescribed for a particular region. In such circumstances lives and property of people around is endangered.
  • 2-862: The section states the rule of reckless driving encapsulating the exceeding speed limit concept: Any individual found guilty of driving vehicle recklessly on the roads of Commonwealth with either a speed exceeding 20 miles per hour or with a speed approaching to 80 miles per hour.
  • 2-853: The section states the rule of reckless driving in terms of vehicle issues. It defines the rule of faulty brakes where vehicle being driven is not controllable.
  • 2-854: Under this section of Virginia Law a driver is enforced with a reckless driving charge if driving a vehicle on a sloppy curve rashly.
  • 2-855: Under this section of Virginia Law a driver is subjected to reckless driving when his or her vehicle’s view is blocked and road cannot be clearly seen.
  • 2-856: Under this section of Virginia Law a driver falls under the category of reckless driving if he or she intervenes between two moving vehicles.
  • 2-858: This section of Virginia law states that any person driving a vehicle rashly through a railway crossing is subjected to reckless driving charge under this section.
  • 2-860: This section of Virginia law states that any person driving a vehicle rashly, not giving proper signals of it falls under the category of reckless driving under this section.
  • 2-865: This section of Virginia law states that any person found guilty of racing on the roads of Commonwealth is enforced to the charge of reckless driving under this section.
  • 2-868: This section of Virginia Law states the penalties defined by the court. Under this section following penalties are imposed on the person found guilty of reckless driving:
  1. Any person found guilty of reckless driving is convicted to class 1 misdemeanor;
  2. An imprisonment of six months or a whole year is sentenced on the culprit;
  3. Any person found guilty of reckless driving is charged with a fine of up to $2500;
  4. Driving license of the driver is suspended for a particular span of time.

However, one can argue against the charge by proving that even though he or she was driving recklessly everyone around was safe. For this purpose you need to hire a legal attorney who can deal with such cases efficiently. In case of need SRIS Law Group is here, we specialize in dealing with reckless driving charges since years. Your satisfaction is our priority, therefore contact us as soon as possible.

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Petersburg Virginia Speeding Ticket

Over speeding is considered to be a very serious crime in Virginia. It refers to an act in which the speed of a vehicle is increased beyond the limits set by the government of Virginia. It is considered to be illegal for various reasons for example it may cause fatal injuries, loosing of a limb, it does not only put the drivers’ life in danger but also threatens the safety of the people in the surroundings. It causes chaos in traffic. In conditions like these a speeding ticket is imposed against the driver who violates the speed limit rule to ensure that it does not happen again in the future. Over speeding law is ensured all over the state of Virginia. Petersburg is situated on the Appomattox River and 23 miles (37 km) south of the state capital city of Richmond. It is an independent city in Virginia. Petersburg follows the same laws and rules about traffic rule violations or reckless driving as rest of the does.

To have yourself represented in a legal proceedings by a highly experienced and professional attorney, you can seek help from the SRIS Law group. SRIS Law group is a firm which was founded with the basic goal of assisting, guiding and supporting people with the legal cases. The SRIS Law group has a remarkable team of attorneys who are very highly experienced and very well educated. We also have professional trial lawyers and two well-qualified Criminal Defense Lawyers who can help you with your speeding case. To take advantage from our efficient services you can set up an appointment with one of our attorneys and encounter the distinct work that is carried out by our team. It is our guarantee that the client administration is very simple and as important as a man’s serenity.

Whenever we think about legal proceedings the first thing that comes into our minds is the cost of hiring a lawyer and then would the cost be fair enough for the services. To make legal proceedings more easier and understandable SRIS Law groups works hard. It provides remarkable services at a very reasonable prices so you need not worry about the bizarre costs of hiring a lawyer. The exact cost of speeding case or any other case cannot be given on the website as every case’s nature is different than the other’s and the cost vary from each case to case depending upon the nature of the offense and the sophistication of the case. Moreover, as per firm’s policy, in order to avoid any uncertainties an agreement between attorney and the client will be signed

Flat Rate:

SRIS Law group is known for dealing with the charges of speeding ticket successfully for many years. We handle all speeding cases on a level rate gave there is a charge pending. This makes the costs inconceivably simple. You know precisely what our administrations will cost after our underlying discussion. We will both consent to a composed arrangement so that we both are on the same page and that it’s a fair play. The particular rate/expense for your speeding case will rely on different factors, for example, the charge you’re confronting and the court it’s in.

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Is Sexting a Sex Crime in Arlington Virginia

Sexting is a very serious crime in the eyes of the law which cannot be ignored. It is a crime which plays a vital role in ruining child’s future. Is sexting a sex crime in Arlington Virginia? The reply would be yes without any hesitation because it is one of the most growing trends of the 21st century, due to excessive use of cell phones and internet. It is highly recommended to parents and schools to keep a check on the activities of the children to save their future from the severe penalties.  The awareness regarding these sexting crimes can be spread in terms of telling children to avoid sending nude pictures via text. In this perspective, prosecutors try hard to keep away child pornography from polluting the environment of society, but it is quite evident that your child can be caught in the net of sexting crime. According to the survey report, 1 out of 5 teenagers are involved in the sexting crime either performed or receive an indecent image of child pornography. These days the crime is spreading like a fire in the woods, but it needs to be stopped on immediate basis with the help of parents, schools, communities and law enforcement.

Charges Against Sexting Crimes 

Is sexting a sex crime in Arlington Virginia establishing its roots more strongly as compared to other states? So the reply would be in negative because the other states are facing the similar situation within their boundaries. In this regard, many teenagers are prosecuted and facing severe criminal allegations that are badly affecting their future opportunities. Well, it gives an accurate answer to the question, is sexting a sex crime in Arlington Virginia? It is essential to make it clear to parents and children that they can be accountable for the sexting crime. Children are prosecuted because federal law considers the picture of below 18 of a child in terms of pornography. It does not matter if the picture is captured by him. Children sometimes do not realize about their action that it’s an image of their body and they are not doing anything wrong.  Once this image is transferred to the other, the recipient becomes its owner and could do anything with it. There is a possibility that your child for this crime can be consider as sexual offenders. At that time they ask themselves, “Is sexting a sex crime in Arlington Virginia?”  To be on the list makes the child sex offender for the life ahead. The child could face the issues of unemployment, inability to go to events, anyone can find the name of the child on the list. This can be very embarrassing for the child, or it may lead the child towards suicidal thoughts.

Sexual Crime Lawyer in Arlington Virginia

The lawyer elaborates the client about the sensitivity of the consequences links with sexting crime and assures that his\her effort supports the case to make the client innocent in the court trial. Here attorneys educate the client regarding the query such as is sexting a sex crime in Arlington Virginia? It is crucial to make this thing clear that its vicious crime and it can ruin the identity of their child

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How to get a reckless driving ticket reduced?

Virginia, being a renowned state of United States of America, follows same code of conduct as rest of the country does. Depending upon the situations of a country amendments are made by the courts, in order to avoid any haphazard. Similar is the case with traffic rules and regulations, they have been designed in order to avoid any awful circumstances. If not followed properly state is more likely to suffer from:

  • Traffic problems i.e traffic congestion and traffic jams;
  • Severe accidents;
  • Loss in lives of people;
  • Loss in public and private property;
  • Lack of discipline etc.

In order to avoid such conditions traffic laws have been designed. Reckless driving is considered to be dangerous amongst all other traffic violations, where lives and property around are vulnerable to serious risks. Reckless driving is considered to be more serious crime than that of over speeding or improper driving, therefore punishments imposed in all cases are different. In case of over speeding or improper driving a traffic ticket of usually $6(for every mile covered in over speeding) is charged to the driver. Apart from this court costs are also charged, making a total fine of up to $141, while in case of reckless driving, a driver is convicted to the class 1 misdemeanor, where penalties are imposed under the category. In such circumstances the driver is penalized with imprisonment for a particular tenure (mainly six months or a whole year), with a fine of up to $2500 is charged, suspension of driver’s license for a particular period of time) and a charge of 6 demerit points is recorded on his license. These points remain on his record for eleven months.

Strict punishments are imposed in case of reckless driving, which can further put life and driving activities of a person at risk. However, they can be reduced if your attorney is able to prove your stance of safety in the court. Stance of safety refers to the argument presented by the accused highlighting that even though he or she was driving rashly, but they were still at a speed which was for safe for both himself/herself and the surroundings. For this purpose one needs to hire a legal attorney who could deal with the whole court procedure efficiently. For an individual it becomes to fight against legal suites and police officers alone.

SRIS Law Group is here to offer you with best of their services. We have an extraordinarily team composing of trial lawyers and two former attorneys who can deal with your traffic charges efficiently. We have been dealing with reckless driving charges for years, therefore we can ensure your safety which in actual is our foremost priority. In such circumstances you are advised to contact any of our attorneys and schedule your first meeting with us. Rest of the procedure will be revealed to you after our first meeting.

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Fairfax sex crime Investigations

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes involve illegal and intimidated sexual conduct against other individuals. Virginia is one of the states with the rapid growth of sex crimes. Just like every other state, Fairfax also has laws and rules against the offenders of sex crimes and are strictly dealt.

Resources that might help in sex crime case

There are many resources in Fairfax that help the victims of sex crimes with their cases such as Fairfax sex crime investigations team, a panel of an experienced attorney, law enforcing agencies, local authorities etc. These resources help the victims by providing possible help according to their authorities and departments. The law enforcing agencies in Fairfax take strict actions against the offenders of sex crimes and make sure the victims are served with complete justice. Local authorities like police help in filing the case of the sex crime victim and begin the process as soon as possible. On the other hand, Fairfax sex crime Investigations agencies carry out the best investigation to find out all the proofs and evidences related to the case that would help the victim.

The Fairfax sex crime Investigations team and other law enforcement agencies deal with the sex crime cases very strictly and make sure to produce the best result possible. For the purpose of carrying out accurate and genuine investigations, the Fairfax sex crime Investigations agency conduct a very thorough and at times very lengthy investigations. Fairfax sex crime Investigations are keen and are done with complete professionalism. The investigation team, from DNA test evidence to the statement of eyewitnesses, looks into many aspects while conducting an investigation of a sex crime case.

Fairfax sex crimes attorney

The attorney of Fairfax sex crimes is a team of highly professional, well equipped and experienced individual that is always ready to assist and guide their clients. If a person is being investigated for any crime that he is not aware of, he can directly call and book an appointment with the defence lawyer that is well equipped to help.

Also, if a person is already charged with a sex crime in Fairfax, most likely after being charged with a sex crime case he would be immediately contacted by local authorities. Investigation agency or any law enforcing agency for the investigation and interrogation of the case. If a person is proved guilty of any sex crime, he could be charged with extreme penalties like imprisonment for at least 5 years and penalty charges up to $100,000 and also will be registered as an “offender of sex crime” for lifetime that can badly affect his work and future, so if accused , the first thing that needs to be done is contacting a defence lawyer who deals with the cases of accused of sex crimes, the defence lawyer will assist you and guide you about how you can prove yourself innocent with the help of evidence and proves. The defence attorney will also help you by guiding about the further resources that might help in the case. The defence attorney of sex crimes in Fairfax completes everything through a proper channel and will make sure that you get your freedom as soon as possible.

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Laws, Charges and Severity against Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Richmond, Virginia

Sexual intercourse with someone that is under the age of consent is known as carnal knowledge of certain minors. Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Richmond, Virginia comes under the crime of statutory rape due to lack of consent or having sex with someone under the age of consent. Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Richmond, Virginia is one of the biggest crimes involving sexual assault and sexual abuse. Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Richmond, Virginia also include sexual activities that involve sodomy.

Some laws regarding Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Richmond, Virginia do not give the meaning to the term and leave it to the attorney dealing with the sex crime cases to provide the meaning to the Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Richmond, Virginia for taking into account changing standards of the community.


Under the Virginia law code 16.1-249, carnal knowledge of certain minors is applicable to the minors who are at least 15 years old and who had been kept or confined in prison, imprisoned for any facility that has been mentioned in the Richmond, Virginia law code 16.1-249 or even if committed to the Juvenile Justice State Department’s custody.

The punishment for Carnal knowledge of certain minors is a maximum fine of $2,500 and in prison for about 5 years maximum.

Class 4 felony will be charged on the offender that carnally knows, a child under the age of fifteen years with or without the use of force with the willing of the victim.

Class 6 felony will be charged to the person that carnally knows, with the consent and without any force, a child who is under the age of fifteen years and who consents for sexual activity specifically sexual intercourse and the accused of this crime is a minor and the child who is consenting is three years or more junior to the accused. For such crime Class, 6 felony charges. For the confirmation of the ages, the date of birth of the accused and the child would be used.


The charge of statutory rape is enforced to the offenders of carnal knowledge because according to the law of Richmond, Virginia this crime charge can be enforced to the incidents in which the victim is usually under the age of consent, no matter if the victim was involved in the sexual activity willingly with the offender. The charge of Carnal knowledge of certain minors is a bit unique to Virginia. In Richmond, Virginia all the crimes that come under the carnal knowledge of certain minors would be prosecuted under a different law which totally depends on the place and area where the crime like carnal knowledge of certain minors took place.

Carnal knowledge of certain minors come under the crimes of high severity as this involves sexual activities with an underage. This sexual crime comes under Class 6 felony, and this charge is statutory that means it can be applied to Richmond, Virginia age of consent violations.

Carnal knowledge involves the act of sexual intercourse, oral sex, and other sexual practices. For this crime, the consent of the child who is under the age of thirteen is not considered a consenting child.

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Reckless Driving Lawyer in Warren, VA

Reckless driving ­­on the road is one most of the serious traffic violations in the USA. In the Virginia state, traffic rules and regulations are so rigid to abide by that their violations occur severe consequences. In Warren, Virginia, many individuals aged between 15 and 25 falls a prey to breaching the rules of traffic and as a result, come across issuance of traffic tickets, a notice by enforcement agencies. These traffic tickets are added as points to your license. Moreover, they are subject to being penalized or imprisoned. Many people are unable to deal with such consequences, and ultimately, they are liable to be charged. Most people just pay the fine to avoid any hassle without comprehending categorization of ‘Class’ of every offense. They may be charged for either one or number of violation cases. It is difficult to understand the jurisdictions fall under traffic laws.

Reckless Driving Lawyer in Warren, VA is mandatory to be consulted or hired by a person guilty of reckless driving. The lawyers in Warren Country are perceptive at providing effective guidance on issues confronted traffic violations. They have the complete insight of the traffic laws and the means to solve them. They fight the cases, which are in the best interest of their clients. Many previous cases have been solved by well-known reckless driving lawyers in Warren, VA, which ensure complete avoidance of any legal penalty. If a person has been issued more than 3 traffic tickets, it will be troublesome to plead not guilty in court proceedings. Reckless Driving Lawyer in Warren, VA fight to the bitter end to defend against speeding (the most common form of reckless driving), injuring another person, drinking while driving, deviating from the track, etc. You can be sent to jail even for exceeding the speed limit. If a person is seriously impeached and held for long term imprisonment whose acquittal is not guaranteed, the lawyers of Warren Country help them reduce their sentences. They argue to the courts to reduce the reckless driving charge by showing a previous good record of driving. A reckless driving lawyer in Warren, VA overhauls your current case and your previous driving records in favor of making a strong case to defend his client. Many attorneys or lawyers in Warren Country are also specialized in DUI (driving under the influence) which contains the most number of cases in the US. Besides, other normal felonies are also dealt with proficiency.

It is essential to have a qualified reckless driving lawyer in Warren, VA at prompt basis to avoid further court proceedings or any legal penalty. You will find some famous law firms, which only deal with traffic-related cases. You need not go through hectic procedures on your own once you find out a good lawyer and for that, you need to consult to the law firms who will assist you and carry your case, which will be in the best interest of you.

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Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA

Reckless driving in Chesterfield VA is considered as a serious criminal act and/or traffic offense. In the recent events, the jurisdiction system of Chesterfield VA have devised strict laws against traffic offences particularly reckless driving. The police and law enforcing agencies these days are regularly patrolling the streets, lanes and highways of Chesterfield VA. As reckless driving increases the chances of road incidents that can damage the property, as well as poses threat on the life of the residents of Chesterfield VA. If anyone finds himself or herself convicted of traffic offences particularly reckless driving it is advised that he/she immediately seeks consultation from Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA.

What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is also referred to as careless and/or dangerous driving where the driver intentionally disregards the traffic laws and codes. The reckless driving includes

  • Speedy driving: Driving above the recommended speed, that is over 20mph where mentioned and above 80 mph on every road.
  • Unsafe driving: Unsafe and improper driving encompasses illegal lane changing, intersections, ignoring traffic signals and signs, bypassing stopped school vehicles, racing, using cell phones (texting) while driving.
  • Driving vehicles with faulty brakes: Driver is unable to control the vehicle.

Punishment for Reckless Driving in Chesterfield VA

If the traffic police caught you guilty of reckless driving you will have to face severe consequences that particularly comprises of Class 1 misdemeanor. The Class 1 misdemeanor penalty is imprisonment for minimum of 6 months and maximum of 12 months, fine and ticket payment that would cost the driver about $2500, as well as increase in the automobile insurance premium, suspension and 6 demerit points in the driver’s license. Furthermore, if the reckless driver is found repeatedly involved in the traffic offence, the police department is at authority to cancel his drivers’ permits and he would loss the driving opportunity permanently. Moreover, these respective penalties can greatly vary depending upon the severity of the crime.

Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA

In Chesterfield VA, the penalty of reckless driving is not only ticket but severe punishment that is Class 1 misdemeanor. If you are convicted with such reckless driving charges, you should instantly contact Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA. The aim of our firm is to provide high quality customer care and services to our clients. The Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA are experienced defense lawyers. As our law firm cares about you therefore, these lawyers will not listen to your side of the story but will surely make efforts with the best of their ability.

The Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA of our firm have sound understanding of the complex laws and code governing the traffic and its violation. Therefore, during your representation in the traffic court. They will provide strong defence in your favour as they will strive hard to prove your innocence. If you are convicted with imprisonment the Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chesterfield VA will convince the jury to reduce your sentence or to charge you fine.

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The reckless driving violation in Shenandoah Virginia

The possibility of dying in a traffic accident in the Shenandoah Virginia increases every second, as a result of the reckless driving of public and private drivers. The high speeds, the rebase and reckless turns, the violation of red light, the absence of directional lights are some imprudence that causes deaths and disability to the population, regardless of their economic and social status. Imprudent drivers cause multiple accidents when they travel in the opposite direction in the main avenues and even on highways with four lanes of high traffic.

The reckless driving violation in Shenandoah Virginia is considered as a serious crime and therefore it is channelled by a technical judge, and whoever is accused of committing this type of crime is remanded in custody. The increase in penalties does not include reckless driving, however, lawyers agree that there is a real hardening against those who are involved in traffic accidents and as consequences have died because they will be treated the same as committing a serious crime like terrorism or drug trafficking.

Moreover, the drivers of cars, buses and public buses endanger lives when they cross unexpectedly and quickly from one lane to another to ride a passenger. This abuse causes multiple accidents on a daily basis. Furthermore, in the context of reckless driving violation in Shenandoah Virginia, the desire to ride more passengers induces public drivers to stop sharply and cause multiple collisions of vehicles. Motorcyclists and bus drivers travel illegally through the highways and tunnels that divide the lanes and go up to the sidewalks without any regard. Most of the drivers do not give way to the vehicles that have a preference, because almost everyone believes they have the right to arrive first then the others to their destinations. Therefore, these are identified as the most dominating reasons as a result of which traffic accidents occur.

Furthermore, high lights used on roads to see long distances avoid other drivers to drive comfortably and avoid unexpected objects and situations on the road. Unexpected objects and situations, become a factor causing tragedy at night. Additionally, vehicles travelling with large loads and drivers using cell phones are a time bomb in streets and avenues. The reckless driving violation in Shenandoah Virginia also includes mechanical failures of the vehicles which as a result cause multiple traffic accidents. The physical conditions of public transport vehicles are another headache for the users of this service. Majority of public transport travel without windows, without doors, with smooth rubber bands, without brakes, without rear-view mirrors, without glass and even without plaque. These physical conditions should always be checked before driving any vehicle.

Thus, these are the main reasons behind reckless driving violation in Shenandoah Virginia, therefore, there is a need to take adequate steps so that the situation of reckless driving can be controlled. In addition to that, the mechanical failures of vehicles are of a great importance which needs to be managed by the government. In this sense, by working on these areas, the reckless driving violation in Shenandoah Virginia situation can be controlled.

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